Enterprise On-Premises or HostedPBX

300 to Unlimited seat enterprise businesses might want to consider a On-Premises PBX approach. The installation is Free, no-cost to you and managed by our in-house staff remotely.

299 or less, can be hosted within our cloud-hosted servers, submit a quote for more details

Works anywhere!

  • Satellite Locations
  • Home Offices
  • Mobile Users with Cell Phones
  • Overseas Locations
  • Centralized Phone Network

Perfect for..

  • Enterprise
  • Medical
  • Hotels
  • Call Centers
  • Real Estate

With an On-Premise solution, your business gains:
Enhanced control over the entire system. With all the hardware related to your network located in-house, your business gains complete and total control. Your business will generally need to retain IT professionals to setup and maintain the network with the ability to control every single aspect. This enhanced control allows for enhanced security as well since everything is in-house the entire network can be protected by physical firewalls.

Potential Cost Savings
When establishing an on-premise solution, your business require a yearly lease on software installed on your hardware, which will allow your organization to depreciate the costs over time and the costs will only grow as you add more phone lines and features, when your company grows.

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